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Provide the evidence

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Most the people who tried your server are back on Xstreme. I encouraged them to look at it. Quoted @Tich. Ban yourself, according to this statement.


Provide the evidence of the PRIVATE MESSAGE that was posted on the xstreme discord for the entire community to see. That was your basis for banning in one instance. 


Provide the evidence for the banning of the other 5-6 people for the entire community to see.


Provide the evidence for the group being banned as Hardrock. (one person was banned)


Simple put the evidence out there. Not snips of private messages.







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Well I didn't want to have to ban you, but since like most children you cannot listen to adults, I do. As said in the long other post. The ban is permanent dude. Save yourself some dignitiy. Ban yourself doesn't really make any sense. You're just going to pass off your own responsibility again. For someone who talks so much smack over xstreme and it's staff you sure need our a lot of attention from us.

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