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Staff Applications

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Thanks to all those who have been apart of xstreme growing in 2018. The server has bounced back heavily with a steady population. With more people however comes a lot more work. We are now opening applications up for new moderators. If you think you may suit this role then please consider applying. You must fill the requirements listed below.
- Over 21
- Mature and can deal with people while keeping calm
- Can critically think
- Play regularly

Moderators are here to run events, help in game when players request help, deal with trolls and monitor players for any hacking, duping or exploiting, assist admins with events or when asked to help out with in game administration.

Remember that powers are not a right or a privellage. They are a burden. They in no way benefit yourself or your teammates and are strictly monitored so you cannot do so. We have zero tolerance for admin abuse. At all points on in-game and out of game you represent us. So as a moderator you can no longer get into fights or be in anyway abusive to players or other staff. If you don't think you are able to do this, please don't apply.

There are benefits too. You are helping support a tight and growing community. The staff team is a tight team and have been around a long time. You also have a say in rules and new additions. It's certainly not for everyone but it is rewarding to those who like to help people. If you think this is you then fill out the form below.


Please list the following:

- In Game Name

- Age

- ArmA3 hours

- How long you have been playing exile

- Why you would make a good moderator


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In Game Name xmrelmox

- Age 26

- ArmA3 hours 2100

- How long you have been playing exile almost all of my hours have been on exile

- Why you would make a good moderator.i know alot of the general bugs that happen often, i have been apart of the xstreme community for a long time, i did take a break from arma just recently getting back into it, or thought i do play with friends im normally off doing my own thing playing as solo almost, i understand i have been knownto engage in banter and speak freely but i also can hold it back and not reply in such manners,  i dont have a base, i think base raiding is boring so there will be no reason for me to join in on base raids im happy to exclude my self from it, arma is my favourite game and have quite the knowledge into the game making it easier to help other new players get settled in. have a few ideas for events that could be fun, know alot of the arma bug in and out of the game with ways around or fixes

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