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  2. Application for Moderator - In game name: Fluxy - Age: 21 - ArmA3 hours 1704 hours currently on Arma altogether. - How long you have been playing exile I would say 1500+ hours have been on the Xstreme servers alone. - Why you would make a good moderator I believe I'd serve well to the community as a moderator for a number of reason. I'm extremely active, almost everyday from 3:30pm onwards. I enjoy problem solving and helping setup a safe and welcoming environment for others. I'd bring back events for everyone to enjoy and participate in. I'm extremely honest and fair. I wouldn't "rule with an iron fist" but instead defuse the situation in a calm and quick manner. these are just to name a few, In all honesty, I love the server and want to see it blossom, whether I get the privilege to moderator it or not, I will continue to support and help grow this awesome community.
  3. Hello I was perma banned last year while having an argument with ricochet about helping my mate who had a load in error, it got heated and resulted in perma ban with no appeal. I understand the server is under new admin now and I'd like a second chance if you will and a fresh start, I do not care about my level or currency in game. I'd just like to play again if you will. Kind Regards
  4. Moderator Application: - In Game Name: Reltih - Age: 24 years old - ArmA3 hours: 662 hours and counting - How long you have been playing exile: all of my play time has been on exile - Why you would make a good moderator: I personally believe I would make a brilliant moderator due to being a very active player, i like to help people as much as i can always helping and trying my best solve problems people are having. I would love to see the community sky rocket even more than it already has. I would love to bring staff organised events to the server at least one a week minimum. I would also like to be able to keep chat fairly friendly sometimes people get a little carried away with trolling / use very vulgar language / and some very disrespectful jokes in which people may take offense. I would like to work together with the XSG staff to improve the server and to try my hardest to shape the community into a respectful community for all. I play during the Afternoon and late at night into the early hours of the morning most days. I believe that i could bring some much needed help to the Community of the server due to my in game activity and attitude against the disrespect of other people. I always do my best to make Informed decisions. Exile is more than just a shoot em up game the community of a server is as important as the player base and that is something i would love to work on.
  5. Earlier
  6. Who "cant fight the war" now? Hacking dickhead.
  7. Was just banned on the exile server for "hacking" I killed someone inside there base and started arguing with the guy over it, 5 minutes later i get banned? Been playing xstreme servers for well over 3 years now, didn't think you could get banned for shooting someone inside there base?????
  8. banned from the sever
  9. you where banned from the server? or it did not let you in the safe?
  10. i went the safe mission i havnt ever done it before i was trying 0000 on two of the safes then i hit pack on one of them and banned
  11. - In Game Name: NICKIGE - Age 21 - ArmA3 hours: 1887 hours - How long you have been playing exile: i have been playing exile for a few years now, its been an interesting ride i guess. ive seen good and bad things from being a regular player on many different servers. and id like to bring some ideas from what i have experienced through the servers -Why you would make a good moderator: i believe i would bring alot to the table, first off i am an active player of the chernarus exile server and i believe showing the dedication is a good place to start. dedication to the server shows that i wish to help it grow and succeed. i would bring new ideas such as fun little events to the server giving the player base some fun quests, pvp events and much more to bring every one together as a community. being a moderator means responsibility and trust. if there was a problem in witch a admin/moderator had to be called on i would handle it with maturity and solve the problem with an unbiased outcome. and with being a regular player means i will be on most of the day, giving people some one to turn to to ask for help when needed.
  12. Application Denied @*Karma*. Reason: Blocked on discord, not willing to play a while to be admin.
  13. - In Game Name: Karma - Age: 25 - ArmA3 hours: 4,400 - How long you have been playing exile: On & Off about 3yrs - Why you would make a good moderator: I have been staff & high ranking staff in multiple Life Server communities. I provide an unbias opinion, plenty of ideas for server events. I like to help people as quickly as i can so they are spending less time in Helpdesk or Support channels and more time in-game enjoying the server. I have never been a staff member on an exile server before and would make the most of the opportunity if i was to recieve one. I would help other staff out if they are having problems with anything & help run events or create my own events for the server to enjoy. I maintain a level head when dealing with players in Helpdesk & don't allow things to get out of hand. (Experiences with staff): Head Admin for Underbelly Australia Life, Moderator for ANZUSGaming Kamdan Life, Community Manager for Underbelly Australia Life, Events Manager for Underbelly Australia Life & Vendetta Altis Life. Server Owner for Vendetta X Australia Life & Vendetta Altis Life.
  14. you ban me for being angry at you for telling me wrong information. about safes i grind out 100hours + maybe even 200 for it to all be reset because they reset in 3days not 8. i admit i took it to far with my Anger but i didnt just spend that many hours for it to all be taken away
  15. I think the 1 year ban should be dropped also.
  16. nahh man. "worthy" do you think you are the messiah?
  17. i accept responsibility for what i did, unfortunately what i said was taken out of context and and was not ment how it sounded, i admit i was becoming increasingly frustrated with the personal attacks towards me and as untrue as they were its still annoying to have someone try tell something untrue like a school drama, yes i changed the details of MY arma squads, its my squad linked to my arma profile and nobody had to be in it, was unacceptable and i see my wrong doings, hoping to atleast get my 1year ban either dropped or reduced
  18. Am i worthy to play again?
  19. Well I didn't want to have to ban you, but since like most children you cannot listen to adults, I do. As said in the long other post. The ban is permanent dude. Save yourself some dignitiy. Ban yourself doesn't really make any sense. You're just going to pass off your own responsibility again. For someone who talks so much smack over xstreme and it's staff you sure need our a lot of attention from us.
  20. Most the people who tried your server are back on Xstreme. I encouraged them to look at it. Quoted @Tich. Ban yourself, according to this statement. Provide the evidence of the PRIVATE MESSAGE that was posted on the xstreme discord for the entire community to see. That was your basis for banning in one instance. Provide the evidence for the banning of the other 5-6 people for the entire community to see. Provide the evidence for the group being banned as Hardrock. (one person was banned) Simple put the evidence out there. Not snips of private messages.
  21. Sigh, well this is now going in full circles. Military is not new. You guys could hardly even get exile running, but that's beside the point. You guys didn't even create any of your own scripts, you just used others. All you can do is brag about how amazing you guys are and how bad xstreme is, but yet you are constantly making a big deal with pots and pans that you're not allowed on here. You can keep asking as much as you like. I really don't care about how much you want to be relevant. You seem to like to take offence for 500 people. I'm sure if 500 people wanted this new-age server of yours you would not be asking to come back on. The fact is 5 of 'multi-shared super community' are banned for good reason. The rest of your team can come on, and if they behave like you guys i'm sure they will get themselves banned to. We've always welcomed other servers, I've even given scripts and mods to others. You guys can't seem to fathem why yours would be different though. You're constantly bragging about a dead server, your community being banned. Let me sum this up: Sambo, Nordic, Heretic, Turkey, b. or something ARE banned for good. Not your 'community' not your super server. Just you guys. I know you would like to try and drag as much other stuff into this as you can. It's your behaviors that are not welcome. Just yours. Somehow that message doesn't seem to get through the amount I have said it and thats because you don't want any responsibility for your actions. The great thing is I don't have to waste more time on you regathering evidence. Even if I did, you would all pass the responsibility till it was somehow none of your faults, because that's how you operate. As I said, the rest can appeal and play. I would stop bringing Spazz's name through the mud, because even when he did help you, he would not want to be associated with how you guys operate. It's sad that you claim to have such a revolutionary server but it died due to who it was run by. I even somewhat believe that Sambo has some good intentions but he can't control the kids he has as leaders and unfortunately still sticks around it. Your small group friends is seriously bottom of the barrel in the arma community and a shame to gaming to. I know you would loooove to think of me as a Villian. I'm sure it's all you guys do in your discord nowadays. There's a reason Xstreme has run for so many years and yours didn't last six months and i'm sure you have 100 reasons for that. Even make up some more messages. But this whole conversation really proves how many fibs you can tell to try get your way. I will continue to make scripts of the exile community. I will continue to work in the dev teams outside of xstreme and I will continue working on awesome things for the amazing community that supports xstremes development. They are awesome and I wouldn't insult them by allowing some loudmouth children back on the servers. This conversation is now over, it's just beating a dead horse. As I said long ago, the appeal is denied. There is nothing in the this thread that would show me you have changed behaviors, infact it is worse. I even think Brad_lee is a decent dude but sits with a toxic crowd. @Brad_Lee2.0 Some months ago I sent you a message on discord to talk about unbanning. I don't think it went through.
  22. Yeah ok that snip of a personal private message is fake........ wish we pulled that one lol. You do understand Revolt was helping us to create something different for a shrinking community. What a shame you couldn't see past your own nose. Some awesome coders in @Sambo Spazzzz, Jake heckafist had ago at a completely new concept for the Arma community and all you can do is trash talk a multi shared community. You encouraged people to try out the Military server........ By that quote you need to go ban yourself. Provide the evidence of the post on xstreme discord for the entire community to see. That was your basis for banning in one instance. Provide the evidence for the banning of the other 5-6 people for the entire community to see. Provide the evidence for the group being banned as Hardrock. (one person was banned) Simple put the evidence out there. Not snips of private messages.
  23. Proceeds to post a private fake personal message.. It's pretty cringy posting fake pm's then trying to talk up a community you don't own. Again not an ounce of truth from your mouth there. You guys boasted donating when you last played on the server and never sent a dime. It's pretty obvious why Bam also banned the lot of you. You guys certainly put a lot of effort into something you say you don't care about. You guys do realise your irrelevant? You're a banned group of people who abused the staff and rules. That's all, like others before and after you. I mean are you trying to make me feel bad for it? With the amount you guys try and get back on in the last few months, you would think it's your full time jobs. Most the people who tried your server are back on Xstreme. I encouraged them to look at it. I mean you did too lol. Just didn't seem to work out.. for some odd reason.. could be a history of admin power abuse and lying has something to do with it.. I'll try use some logic that you want. Says whole community is banned -> 4-5 people were banned -> whole community is 4-5 people. Actually it does make a lot of sense now.. Ricochet is not a staff member and hasn't been for some time. It's truly heartbreaking you would go to such long lengths to do this though. I'll make sure to discipline him! Infact that's probably why you stopped pestering him to abuse powers or unban you. Damn though, just when you'd think faking pm's is the lowest, you attack someone for mental health too. Even if that was my health issue, that is certainly the lowest point so far. All so you try every way to get me to let you back onto the server. People's wellbeing is no joke and It's just the evidence you were looking for on why no one wants you unbanned. You should seriously consider putting gaming and the computer away and and learn to deal with real people first. It certainly doesn't take long for the real side of AGA to come out...
  24. @Tich Your justifications (or lack there of) for banning an entire community is extremely poor and the level of maturity shown by you and your staff @Ricochet is a disgrace. The ramblings that you have posted in this thread, make no sense to anyone who values logic and evidence. Provide the proof? not snips of a PRIVATE PERSONAL MESSAGE and the justification for the ban for the other members of AGA too the Xstreme community. Its obvious that there is a lot of butt hurt and salt here about a active community trying a different server, what a shame you couldn't be like revolts admins and lend assistance in trying something different. We and the wider community are all having a good 'ol laugh at you along the way. You have banned people who have previously donated to your server including me, only for being associated with AGA and playing on @Sambo server. Then you pass it off as poaching. You have brought attention to a shared community of over 10 discords, comprising of over 500 people. I can assure you, the disgust and disgrace you have brought upon you and your server is now very well known. From what i can see is you have lost out on 15-20% of donations and an active player base that has a potential for over 100 players. You should also take note there are always two sides to a story cobber and you need to have a look in your back yard.The justice here is you unban our present accounts. I hate getting into a pissing contest but because of your betrayal to a entire community and a complete failure to undo the injustice that has occurred here i am going to post a small part of history for you.
  25. Can well all just shake hand's and be friends with maybe a wristy
  26. Couldn't tell you @Heretic . Not sure who you are and it looks like you fudged your UID. @Binks If you're referring to that community not being toxic, 2/3 of those groups are very toxic. Your whole community isn't banned just a few people. Your discord only has 200 too? Not sure how Rico has become in anyway dog, because he hasn't lied to get you guys what you want? I feel you guys should take lessons. He's literally just showing what you guys openly say on your shared community, which is a lot more than his paste. As it turns out, you guys could just be a positive community and things might work out more in your favour, instead constantly trashing people. @Sambo I don't recall saying I didn't bag you out. I certainly wrote a very true message about your guys action as a community. I took it down as a courtesy, to not create insight hate and drama. However it was certainly true. You guys have denied it, admitted to it, denied it, pawned it off and whatever else you can to try and get back on. In fact there were times you first started out on the server and trash talked xstreme constantly. It's funny that now you are all going to such great lengths to get back on. Since your own venture didn't work out, which you all talked up so much. You see we don't have problems with any other servers and they with us. We have respect between us all even if we have differences. We also take responsibility for what people do with our name. I would also expect them not to host children who threaten people and threaten takedowns. It's an adult game and at the very least the communities should be ran by adults. Not by people who try and dodge any responsibility when it comes their way and certainly those who lie constantly. I would rather distance us as far as possible from a community like that. Hopefully there's another server out there who will host the constant whinging, maybe that's why you tried to make your own. It's a shame that some good players have gotten dragged down by your group mentality and ethics. I do hate to end up replying like this a lot, but i'm long out of nice things to say. You guys don't plan on changing your ethics anytime soon and I don't plan on changing mine.
  27. @Binks im not sure what me playing with HR has to do with anything its like you think i owe you something..... Your correct i am apart of alot of discords doesnt mean anything 😂 Its also not my fault turkey makes post like that in public maybe you should put your dog 🐕 back on the leach before he bad mouths us more then trys to get unbanned
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